Extreme Makeover: Craigslist Edition

When the internet was down today (my hubby the hero replaced the router — hooray!) I read this great article in the print version of Wired magazine about craigslist. It included some redesigns of the site done by selected guest star designers with a goal of increased usability.

Check out these potential new looks for craigslist.

They each have a unique approach to defining the issues and creating solutions. My favorite is the Make It Simple approach by information architect Anh Dang.

I’m so used to craigslist minimal page styling and arbitrary lists and would almost hate to see it change, but do I really need a link to Barcelona and Paris on the home page? And yes, uppercase letters do help readability, even though they are a hassle.

Apart from the messiness that always occurs when freedom of the press is given to all, and the resulting political and personal issues, I’ve always found craigslist a great resource. It is on my personal list of Websites I Couldn’t Do Without.

And I honor Craig Newmark for his lack of greed and independence.

What is your big idea for improving craigslist? Which design option is your favorite? Inquring minds want to know.


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