1. Set up a FB Business Page. Although you must have a personal page to create a business page, do keep them separate. This allows you to create marketing content that is separate from your personal life and build your business brand with consistent messaging.
  2. Tell the World Who You Are. Be sure to complete the entire profile, including business category, description, location, hours on the info page.
  3. Show Your Stuff. Customize the page with your company logo. Add photos of recent work, products and happy customers whenever you can. Viewing photos is the #1 activity on Facebook.
  4. Share Successes. Go ahead — toot your own horn. This is the place to let the world know how good you are. Just remember that some clients would prefer anonymity and be discreet when needed. Post updates at least several times a week for best results.
  5. Start Discussions. Use Discussions to share ideas, brainstorm, discover unmet needs your clients may have, provide helpful tips for troubleshooting, and get feedback.
  6. Ask Questions This new short polling feature allows you to get input fast. These polls are quick and informal, so go ahead, be a little lighthearted. If the poll is fun, people are more likely to participate and share it with their friends.
  7. Like Other Businesses. Find other business pages, friend’s businesses and like them from your business page as well as from your personal page. If you’ve done business with them, write an online review of their work.
  8. Get a Vanity Url. As soon as you have 25 followers for your business page, get your custom name at http://www.facebook.com/username/. This helps build your brand and make the site easier to find and link to.
  9. Create a Custom Page. Make a page that is styled the way you want it. Under Edit > Apps search for Static Frame IFRAME. Install the app and then link to a customized html page somewhere on your real website. There are other iframe apps, but they don’t work on a secure https connection.
  10. Laser Targeted Ads. With the new ad features you can target very small market segments to see your advertising by age, income or area.
  11. Get a Badge. Add social media sharing buttons, or a Facebook badge or a Like button to your website to build followers and be sure your communications avenues intersect.
  12. Post Regularly. Most importantly, be sure to keep the content fresh. Post several times a week. Share tips in your field, links you find useful, or humor to build followers. Let people know you’re out there.


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