Ono Ranch

website home page with photo of mountains on the top and various cuts of meat below

Tim and Donna Benesh raise Wagyu beef on Ono Ranch in Redmond, Oregon near the beautiful Three Sisters mountains. They sell their beef at the Happy Valley Farmer’s Market which I visit as often as possible in the summer. I had signed up for their newsletter with my domain name email, which caught their attention. Curious, they looked up my website, and called me to build theirs. Domain name branding for the win!

The beef they sell is a wonderful product, but presents a unique online sales situation. The meat is priced by the pound, but every cut is a different weight, so prices vary. After reviewing several sales models, we came up with an online form to place the order and then they contact the customer with the exact pricing and collect payment over the phone. Since their products are only available at farmer’s markets or online, this form plays a major role in their sales funnel. Meanwhile, we have the fast track to the tastiest beef anywhere!

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