Sirius Shines Apart

We design awesome user experiences. Our sites are easy to use, look great, are mobile friendly and are a cinch to maintain. Get yourself a big, fat chunk of web sparkle today!
Get Sirius!

Run by a Real Designer

There are many firms that can crank out a website. But Sirius Media is run by Fellene Gaylord, a real graphic designer with over 20 years experience creating cutting edge websites. You can rest assured your site will outshine the rest.


Stellar Customer Service

Great customer experience begins at home. We take good care of our clients, provide site training and documentation, and answer all questions. At Sirius you’ll get great service.

Become Responsive

Need a website that works across all modern platforms? No worries, my friend. Sirius is always on top of it. Our WordPress websites are designed to work on smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Find the perfect mix of information, imagery, and interaction.

Make it work like magic! Take your website to the next level.

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