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Filip Sales

Before I began Sirius Media, I had no idea what a manufacturer’s rep was, but after doing 3 websites for manufacturer’s reps, I now understand what a key role they…
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When Gerry Ellis asks you to do a website project, you know it’s going to be a glorious challenge. This second redesign for the non-profit GLOBIO had the goal to…
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Monje is a company that provides building supplies to markets in the South Pacific, Middle East, and Asia. They didn’t need to sell the products online, but did need a…
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Ono Ranch

Tim and Donna Benesh raise Wagyu beef on Ono Ranch in Redmond, Oregon near the beautiful Three Sisters mountains. They sell their beef at the Happy Valley Farmer’s Market which…
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Matt Haley

Matt is an established illustrator and comic artist who has worked with and for the best talent in the industry. Marvel, DC Comics, Warner Brothers, Lucasfilms are all past clients…
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HK Tangler CZT

I had never heard of the Zentangle drawing technique that captivated creative folks online. The process of drawing specific patterns in a meditative way created beautiful designs and client Heidi…
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James Lull

Author of Evolutionary Communications James Lull is a master communicator. Now Professor Emeritus of Communication Studies at San Jose State University, California, he has a lifetime of experience writing, teaching,…
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