LINK System Map

The Link Transit District Map

The LINK System Map

After finishing the CAT System Map, LINK, the transportation agency in The Dalles, Oregon, gave us a call. They needed a print ready map with the system’s bus routes, local points of interest and links to other connecting transit agencies with a fairly quick turnaround. This map was designed to coordinate with CAT’s and be part of a transit map group for the Columbia Gorge region.


CAT System Map

CAT System Map

CAT System Map

This was a fun and challenging project.  This map of Columbia Area Transit System in Hood River, Oregon , features not only the system’s bus routes, but also local bike routes, walking paths, major points of interest and links to other connecting transit agencies. It’s a truly multi-modal map designed to encourage users to explore options other than riding in single person vehicles. It was a great opportunity to dust off my cartography skills and help contribute to a more sustainable future.


Filip Sales, LLC

Filip Sales

Before I began Sirius Media, I had no idea what a manufacturer’s rep was, but after doing 3 websites for manufacturer’s reps, I now understand what a key role they play in getting products to market. Anna Filip has been working with clients in retail for a long time, and needed a stie to welcome new clients interested in working with Costco, her former employer.

This 4 page business site indicates they are located in the Northwest by showing the Bellevue skyline and Snoqualmie Falls as backdrops to her business information.


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