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Baking, Bits & Bobs

It’s not every day an opera singer contacts you for a website. Susan J. Platts has sung for audiences around the world, but when the world of music shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she decided to write her own cookbook. And what a delightful cookbook it is!

“Aria Ready for Dessert” features scrumptious recipes from the British tradition illustrated with mouthwatering photos by her husband, Neil Kimmel. Once the cookbook was done, she realized she needed a website to promote her book and to be home for a blog about her love of British baking. Sirius Media was delighted to help.

This was such a fun project to work on! The result is a truly delicious website that inspires visitors to be creative in the kitchen and try new culinary adventures. We got to fine tune her logo, explore recipe post formats, and add a book sales page to the site.

Solo Women RV

Travels with Squeaky home page

Solo Women RV

We were thrilled when author Kathy Belge reached out to me for a website that would be home for her travel blog, podcast, and online sticker shop featuring designs by Tay Juncker. This was our first podcasting site, so there was a lot to figure out. We tried two different podcast hosting platforms, and learned that having a wide range of features is no good if the product isn’t easy to use. Kathy’s done a great job of updating her blog posts with the latest podcast episodes. I love hearing the stories of empowered women traveling solo on the road. I encourage anyone to subscribe to her podcasts, Travels with Squeaky!

James Lull

James Lull website home page

James Lull

Author of “Evolutionary Communications”

James Lull is a master communicator. Now Professor Emeritus of Communication Studies at San Jose State University, California, he has a lifetime of experience writing, teaching, and exploring how we share ideas with one another. His former website had been a vintage HTML site that had served him well for years, but he needed something more flexible, visionary, and evolutionary.

The main focus of his site is to promote and support the sales of his book. By converting his static pages of commentaries into posts, we were able to apply categories and allow site visitors to sort by topics. Adding a page on his site for YouTube video channel and guest appearances was a natural progression for a person who began his career as radio DJ in VietNam. This site is ready to grow and expand as he completes new projects.


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