Filip Sales, LLC

Filip Sales

Before I began Sirius Media, I had no idea what a manufacturer’s rep was, but after doing 3 websites for manufacturer’s reps, I now understand what a key role they play in getting products to market. Anna Filip has been working with clients in retail for a long time, and needed a stie to welcome new clients interested in working with Costco, her former employer.

This 4 page business site indicates they are located in the Northwest by showing the Bellevue skyline and Snoqualmie Falls as backdrops to her business information.


All Seasons Bugs

All Seasons Bugs

When Bill Leary mentioned to the Computer Diva he needed to recover his website, Mary knew just who to call. The previous webmaster had cancelled the hosting, hijacked the domain name, shut down email addresses for the business, and refused to do updates on the site. It was time to get Sirius!

This was a a prime opportunity to refresh some of the content and completely redesign the look of the site. The site is now mobile friendly with a warm, engaging look and feel. The site highlights Bill’s advanced training as an entomologist and their one-year guarantee on most services.


Power Brake Booster Exchange

Power Brake Booster Exchange

Steven Potter bought the business he’d been working at for decades. It is a unique business servicing a specific market — people who need a power brake booster rebuilt. Business founder Dewey had been an old-school guy and had been using an old-school html site. He didn’t use email and would send us his annual site edits by mail. When Steven took over the business, he knew the site needed a rebuild.

We kept it simple with an a basic one page site layout that incorporated the price list from the original site, but also had click to call phone numbers, downloadable shipping forms, and easy to access hour and location information. A background panel featuring one of their workbenches adds a storytelling image to set the tone and style of the site. Since their customers are into restoring classic cars, we added a Gallery of Boosted Cars that feature Power Brake Boosters restored at the Power Brake Booster Exchange.

Holding the Hope

Holding the Hope

When Mary Jadwisiak decided to broaden the scope of her business, she knew it would involve updating her website. The previous theme was outdated and was not usable on mobile devices. She was ready to shift the brand of her business beyond her own identity, was bringing in new teaching consultants, and had plans to offer online webinars. It was definitely time to move up!

We had fun brightening up the look and feel of the site with more engaging photography and providing a stable platform on which to conduct the new training. By combining the power of her website and online scheduling tools such as Eventbrite, she can access powerful social sharing after registration, check in lists and more. The online store has been updated to feature the new webinars. Mary’s mission is to provide support and training to those who work in suicide prevention. It’s a joy to support her important work.



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