Sirius Media Receives a 2019 Best of Portland Award

I know it’s self-promoting fluff, but it’s always nice to receive a bit recognition. I was notified yesterday that Sirius Media was awarded the Best of Portland Award in the category of Web Design and Development by the Best of Portland Awards. This means I am eligible to purchase a lovely wall plaque or free-standing crystal award for my already overcrowded desk. They even put out a press-release on it, even though it says way more

However, I must say I’m very proud of work done in this past year. We gained two new non-profit clients, and Both of which are projects I’m extremely proud of. I got to work with one of my favorite UX mavens, Liz Bacon, on her reboot of, and helped Elizabeth Higgins recover and rebuild her website full of glorious artwork. Another creative professional is newly published author Dana Brown, whose book “Single Is as Single Does” has just hit the stacks at Amazon.

Another Year in Site Recovery

Unfortunately, this year also included restoring several clients sites who had been hacked due to lack of regular maintenance. I encourage anyone with a WordPress site to sign up for regular Site Maintenance plans, which we now offer. Invest in a little peace of mind this year by signing up for one of our affordable plans. Your site will always be backed up, secure, up-to-date, and running efficiently.

Sign Up for Your Site Maintenance Plan


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