Happy birthday Lake Oswego

“We want to honor the past, celebrate the present and look at our future,” said Cindy Thompson, centennial director. “We want to look at the next 100 years and see what our legacy will be.”

Not only that but Oswegans can follow the unfolding of events on with the Centennial Web site that opens on Jan. 19 at www.lakeoswego100.com .

“It will look great,” said Jamie Inglis, events specialist for the city of Lake Oswego. “There will be tons of stuff on it, the listing of events, ambassadors, a Lake Oswego timeline. It was designed by Fellene Gaylord of Sirius Media.”

via Happy birthday Lake Oswego

I just discovered this lovely article in the Portland Tribune that mentions the website I designed for the Lake Oswego Centennial www.lakeoswego100.com.

With a soft spot for local history, this project was very fun for me. The site features a trivia quiz, flash timeline, event calendar, downloadable history displays and a video history of the city of Lake Oswego. Frequent updates have kept the content fresh, including This Month in Lake Oswego and a trivia quiz that changes each week for 10 weeks.

All this great content is the result of the combined work of specialists, volunteers and City employees who are creating the celebration of the century all year long.


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