10 Things You Should Know About Pinterest

Fellene<br />
s Pinterest BoardPinterest is growing by leaps and bounds and is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media sites around. Here are ten things every business owner should know about Pinterest.

  1. If Facebook is like passing notes to friends in class, and Twitter is like sending text to the universe. Pinterest is like a bulletin board where you post pieces of visual content sorted into categories. Consider it a scrapbook of your favorite things.
  2. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites around. From July 2011 to July 2012 it grew by 5124%, quickly overtaking Google+ and gaining ground on Linked In.
  3. What is it good for?
    Visual content — photos, infographics, maps, and websites. Recipes are very popular on it, as are Decorating, Crafts, Shopping, How to and DIY
  4. What about the copyright issues?
    1. There is some potential, but Pinterest is being proactive in trying to address it and I could not find any instances of  ongoing issues.
    2. My advice is to pin content you know you have rights to or are from a reliable source. Pinning graphics from websites is a good bet. Pinning someone else’s facebook content that has been shared  and seen repeatedly is not a good bet.
  5. How can a service sided business use Pinterest?
    1. Share pins of products you love or that coordinate with, enhance, or complement your service.
    2. Pin websites that feature handy tips in your field of expertise.
    3. Use pins to share and show the lifestyle of your target market, cool products, design ideas, places to go.
    4. Get ideas for other services and products from pins.
    5. Designers — it’s a great way for your clients to share their design likes and dislikes with you. Thanks for teaching me that, Computer Diva!
  6. Give your company personality by sharing company culture.

    1. Pin photos of the team at work and play. When a staff page is a part of a corporate website, its always one of the most popular pages.
      Share Employee Profiles, featuring volunteer work, hobbies and personality.
    2. Pin photos of company events, showing your firm as friendly and fun to work with.
  7. You don’t need an invite any more. Pinterest has opened subscriptions to anyone who wants one. Simply sign up.
  8. Use the Pinterest goodies to make pinning easy.

    1. The bookmarklet lets you add websites to your collections quickly and easily right from your browser nav bar.
    2. Get the smartphone app to save photos to your account by phone.
  9. Get Pinterest buttons for your websiteto encourage pinning and following!
    1. Put a follow me on Pinterest button on your website to link your accounts.
    2. Add a pin it button on your webpages to encourage pinning of your content. This allows you to determine which image is shown on Pinterest, even if its not one on the page.
  10. Bloggers take note — always include an image that can be easily found and copied when pinned on Pinterest. I’m sure you’ll always be using only legal imagery, so there should be no problem there. Be on the lookout for visual content and take photos that illustrate ideas or concepts to create a visual library for blogging.

For future reference, I will be adding new links to both my bookmark list and my Pinterest for Business Board. Check back now and then to see what else I’ve discovered!

  • Follow my Pinterest List on Sirius Media’s social media page for my latest discoveries about Pinterest. I’ll be adding new finds to this list as it occurs and want to share them with you.
  • Check out my Pinterest for Business board on Pinterest.

Watch What Others Are Doing with Pinterest.

The growth of Pinterest is yet another way we share our passions with others online. I expect it to become a significant player in the social media marketplace. Smart businesses will take note and incoporate it into their marketing matrix to get the full advantage of it’s strong market growth.





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