Talking Apes Podcast

Screenshot of Talking Apes Website

Gerry Ellis is a dream client. He is always pursuing new adventures to educate children, save the great apes, preserve their habitat, and combat global warming. Usually, his work is through a camera lens, but this time, Gerry had a new mission.

Through his non-profit, GLOBIO, he launched Talking Apes, a podcast to share the stories of conservationists, wildlife vets, and eco-activists working with great apes.

Each week he’d interview a new expert in the field and have fascinating conversations. The podcast audience was growing and it was time for a website.

logo with an ape face wearing headphones
This adorable logo is featured on merchandise as well as on the website

As my second podcast site, this was a delightful challenge. I got to work with Communications Director Demelza Bond to build a platform that would showcase current episodes, upcoming interviews, and past seasons. Together we collaborated to design the logo that is now featured on merchandise as well as the site.

glass desk sculpture featuring the word Horizon
The website earned the 2022 Horizon Interactive Gold Award

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