Derrick Martin-Campbell

I hope you know how pleased we are with your work. It’s been such a pleasure collaborating with you. Thanks for all your hard work, skill, patience, expertise, flexibility, and good humor.

Judith Wild

Fellene was great to work with and the website she created for me is exactly what I wanted! I couldn’t give anyone a higher recommendation.

Jeannie Coyle

At the end of the project she topped it off with a great training session build around a wonderful guide with everything I need to know to maintain the site. For companies, especially small one, who want a site that looks like it costs a lot, but want great value for a reasonable price, contact Fellene.

Jackie Howard Kraybill

Thanks so much for the great attention to detail and making sure all these small but critical things are working as they should! This is what separates the men from the boys in consulting work! Sorry to use such a sexist analogy, but it is so apt.

Jeannie Coyle

Working with Fellene on my new website was a delight. She patiently and professionally guided me through the easy and the hard parts. She has great design sense as well as excellent web coding skills—a rare combination. I especially appreciated that she was on top of every detail, responded quickly to my requests, and was unflappable when I changed my mind.


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