Boomer on the BalconyThe Old Farmer’s Almanac defines the Dog Days of Summer to be July 5 – August 11. We certainly have been having our share of them in Portland, with many days in July when my dog spent most of his time in the coolest spot he could find, tongue lolling out a mile, trying to beat the heat.

But did you know the phrase really dates back to ancient times?

The Greeks used the term Dog Days to refer to the time of the year that Sirius, the dog star and Orion’s companion, is hidden behind the sun. Since the star is the brightest in the sky other than the sun, ancient observers surmised that when their paths combined their heat raised the temperature on Earth as well.

The Egyptians were the first to use the phrase, as they looked forward to a season of rebirth and renewal at each reappearance of the dog star, which foretold the annual flooding of the Nile.

This year, Sirius’s rising occurred on August 7th, and we are indeed having cooler weather in the northwest. Here at Sirius Media we are excited to another cycle of growth and renewal.

Ready to be the brightest star in the sky?

If you need web, print, or map design that outshines the rest, don’t wait a dog’s age, it’s time to get Sirius. Contact to find out more.


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