Workstyle Wellness

Workstyle Wellness
Chrysanthemum in blue and green with Workstyle Wellness beneath it

Bernardine Delaney is on a mission to make your work life better. As a career health educator, she recognized issues in her own workplace experiences and set about to find solutions. After developing strategies for dealing with workplace stress, she realized she could help others who were dealing with the same issues.

Her new business offers blog posts, coaching, and workshops to help you find a happier work experience starting from where you are now. She’s got a ton of great ideas and advice on how to put them into action.

This simple 5 page site features downloadable worksheets, an engaging blog full of useful tips, and the chance to work directly with Bernie to forge a new path ahead. It is mobile friendly, easy to navigate and visually interesting. And the opportunity to design the lovely crysanthemum logo for her was icing on the cake.

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